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How to Melt Candy Melts Perfectly for Coating Cake Pops

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How To Make Cake Pops- Melting Candy Melts-Cake Balls
Learn How To Melt “Candy Melts” to the Perfect Consistency for Coating Your Cake Pops!

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Cake Pop Tips and Techniques for Perfect Candy Melt Coating Consistency

Candy melts provide a smooth, consistent look to Cake Pops and are easier to achieve than they look. With just a little practice and some preparation, you can achieve smooth Cake Pop coatings. Follow these simple tips to create Cake Pops that make guests marvel at your gorgeous Cake Pops.

How to Locate Candy Melt Supplies

If you are new to baking Cake Pops, you may not know where to find the supplies to achieve the best results. Many supercenters, grocery stores and hobby stores have a section for hobbies or cake decorating. In the cooking isle you can find the basic supplies such as shortening for thinning out your candy melts. The cake decorating or hobby isles will have bags of candy melts, piping bags with tips and Cake Pop sticks. You can also find sugar crystals, sprinkles and candies nearby.

How to Melt Candy Melts

Since candy melts come in a wide variety of colors, you can use a single color or melt two together to create a blended shade. Start with your preferred method to melt the candy melts. You can use a miniature melting pot, a double boiler or even the microwave. The melting pot generally achieves the best results because the temperature stays consistent.

Candy Melt Preparation

Set up your workspace with all of the tools you will need in advance. Since candy melts can set quickly, you will want to be ready. Prepare your counter by using wax paper to cover the surface in case any drops of candy melt fall. Keep a silicone spatula or spoon nearby to stir the candy melts.

Set your decorations nearby along with the Cake Pop sticks. If you are rolling your Cake Pops into colored sugar or sprinkles, pouring the sprinkles into small dishes can make the process quicker. After coating the Cake Pop in candy melt, simply roll it along the dish with the decoration.

There are several ways to hold the Cake Pops to let the candy melt set. There are traditional decorating stands available for Cake Pops, but there are other less expensive methods. One method you can use is floral craft foam to let the Cake Pops dry upright. You can also set the Cake Pops onto a plate if you don’t mind a flat top to the Cake Pop. One inventive idea for extra cost savings is to use a colander to hold the Cake Pop sticks. Remember that the Cake Pops will still drip slightly, so use a prepared surface.

Candy Melt Tips and Techniques

Before using the candy melt, make sure your Cake Pops are ready. If you are creating Cake Pops with frosting mixed in, make sure you don’t use too much frosting. You will also want to make the Cake Pops smaller when you have frosting added into the Cake Pops because of the weight. With Cake Pop pans, you shouldn’t have as many issues with the weight of the balls. Cool the Cake Pops slightly in the fridge or in the freezer for 15 minutes to ensure their temperature won’t affect the candy melt.

When melting your candy coating, it often helps to add shortening to the candy to thin out the consistency. Without the use of shortening, you may run into your Cake Pops having a lumpy appearance. Two tablespoons of shortening is generally recommended per batch, but you can alter it to be thinner using more shortening for decorating. Stir the candy melt to check that it has melted completely.

Dip the Cake Pop sticks into the candy melt and stick them into cooled Cake Pop balls about halfway. The extra candy melt will act as a glue to keep the Cake Pops firmly attached. After the Cake Pops are attached to the stick, dip the Cake Pops into the candy melts and cover completely. Remove the Cake Pops from the candy melt and hold above the container. Slowly rotate the Cake Pops to remove extra coating. If you are noticing bubbles or lumps, you can lightly tap the Cake Pop against the side of the container.

How to Avoid Common Candy Melt Issues:

Cracked Candy Coating

Many people who use candy melts find that the candy coating can crack after hardening. Adding just a small amount of shortening makes the coating more pliable and less prone to cracking. If you are worried about adding too much, start with a small amount and add as needed.

Lumpy or Thick Candy Coating

Lumpy candy coating can occur if the candy melt is not melted completely. Keep the heat setting on low and add a tablespoon of shortening at a time to thin out the candy coating.

Burnt Candy Coating

If you are using a microwave you may be more prone to having your candy melt burn. The best way to correct this issue is to keep the microwave at half power and cook for longer or melt in short intervals at regular power checking along the way adding shortening as you go, demonstrated in the videos above. With a double boiler or a melting pot, make sure the temperature is at the lowest setting.

In the next Candy Melts tutorial , you will learn how to insert the cake pop sticks into your cake pops so they don’t fall off and the best ways to use your melted candy melts to coat the cake pops for a smooth, even candy melt coating ready to decorate.


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