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How to Make Cake Pops – Old Fashioned Oven Style

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How To Make Cake Pops – Old Fashioned Oven Style

10 Easy Steps to Great Tasting Cake Pops


In this How To make Cake Pops Tutorial you will learn how to use an ordinary cake mix and an oven to make cake pop balls that will be used on the end of cake pop sticks and then decorated to your heart’s desire.

One of the first things you will need to give thought to, prior to starting, is the flavor and the color of the cake to be used. Depending upon the occasion or event you are making them for, different color cake mixes work better with certain color coatings for effect. Like using a white or yellow cake mix with a dark color candy coating outside.

Let’s get started making some cake balls!

Below is a check list of what you will need, look it over and make sure you have everything at hand before starting.

Get together before starting :

* One pre-baked cake at room temperature
* One container of icing (Flavor of choice)
* Large Mixing Bowl
* Large spoon
* Waxed or parchment paper
*2 large Cookie sheets

That’s it!

 Let’s get started making some cake pops!

Cake Pop Recipes- How To Make Cake Pops -Cutting Cake



Step 1)
Place your cake in front of you and cut it into four equal sections.



Cake Pop Recipes- How To Make Cake Pops


Step 2)
Remove two of the sections and rub them against each other turning them into crumbs. Repeat this process until the entire cake has been broken down into crumbs.


Step 3) Take a spoon and scoop out a large spoonful of icing and combine it with the cake crumbs by stirring it until you have it thoroughly mixed and the crumbs become more like clumps.


Step 4)

Set the spoon aside and take both hands and mash the cake and icing together until it becomes bound into one big ball. Continue to work the cake crumb and icing mixture into a solid large ball.


 Step 5)

Take a small spoon and scoop a small amount out into your hands. Using a spoon helps keep the size uniform. You want the balls to be approximately 1-1 ½ Inches in diameter once they are rolled.

Step 6) Smash the cake crumb/icing mixture together working it into the shape of a small ball.


Step 7) Roll the cake ball mixture between your hands until you form a round cake ball


Step 8) Once the cake ball mixture is in the shape and size you are looking for, place onto a cookie pan covered with wax or parchment paper.


Step 9) Repeat the cake ball forming procedure until you have completely used the cake/icing mixture.



Step 10)

After you have formed all the cake balls and placed them onto the cookie sheet- place the cookie sheet into the refrigerator for approximately 15-20 minutes allowing them to set up and harden enough to insert the cake pop sticks into them.

That was easy right?

In our next tutorial we will show you how to insert the cake pop sticks and cover the cake pop balls with decorative candy melt coatings of choice.


Click Here to How to melt candy melts to add decorative coating  your cake pops video tutorial

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