Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018

How to Make Cake Fondant Simple and Easy

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Learn How Easy It Is To Make Cake Fondant Icing To Use With Your  Great Decorating Ideas and Turn  Your Cake Pops Into Incredible Looking Treats!

Cake Fondant can be used to make decorating your cake pops not only look great- but your decorating  ideas are limitless!

In this tutorial you will learn how to make “Rolled” cake fondant from scratch, it’s very easy to do so let’s get started.

Cake Fondant Recipe and Step-by-step tutorial - Cake Pop Decorating Ideas

First let’s take a look at what you will need before you start.

One of the main things you need to have is a full size power mixer, sorry but the hand mixer isn’t going to be strong enough to handle the thickness of the fondant. Alternately you can mix by hand but be warned your arm is going to get tired!

Ingredients Needed:

* 8 Cups Confectioners’ Sugar Sifted
* 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
* 2 Tablespoons Shortning
* 1 Tablespoon Glycerin
* 1/2 Cup Glucose Syrup
* 1/4 Cup Water
* 1 Package Unflavored Gelatin (.25ounce)

O.k. now that we have all our ingredients , let’s mix them together for some fantastic cake fondant to decorate our cake pops with.

Cake Pop Recipes_ How To Make Cake Fondant-water



Starting with a small bowl, measure and pour in your water


Cake Pop Recipes -How To Make Fondant-Mix-gelatin


Next simply mix in your gelatin and stir together.



Cake Pop Recipes - How To Make Cake Fondant-Stirring Gelatin


Now give it a chance to thicken up by letting it stand for a bit.



Cake Pop Recipes-How To Make Cake Fondant- Double Boiler

After your mixture has had a chance to thicken up pour it into a double boiler and heat until it dissolves, mixing well, add glucose and glycerin. Now add in your shortening. When it is almost completely melted stir in the vanilla and cool until it is just above room temperature or about luke warm.


Cake Pop Recipes - How To Make Cake Fondant- Confectioners Sugar


Grab a large mixing bowl and put half (about 4 cups) of the confectioners sugar into it, dig a small pit in the center.


Cake Pop Recipes- How to Make Cake Fondant- add into sugar

Adding a little at a time, pour in the gelatine mixture and stir (If mixing by hand use a large wood spoon) until you have completely mixed all the gelatin.



Cake Pop Recipes_ How To Make Cake Fondant- Mixed


Mix in the remaining sugar small amounts at a time allowing to thoroughly blend until all the sugar has been used.



Cake Pop Recipes _ How To Make Cake Fondant- Kneading  Into Ball

You are almost done! Take the cake fondant mix and work together in your hands kneading it until all the air has been worked out and you have a consistant thinkness, making sure all the sugar has been completely mixed together. Form it into a ball and you are finished.

There you have it, simple-easy cake fondant icing!


In our Next Tutorial we show you how to roll the cake fondant out and cover your cake pops with it, ready to decorate them any way you choose.

Cake Pop Recipes- How To Make Cake Fondant Icing _ Sealed


If you are not ready to get started yet, seal your cake fondant icing in an air tight container in the fridge until you are. Bring Your cake fondant to room temperature and work it with your hands until it becomes soft again.

Fetching Amazon.. This may take about 5-10 minutes.