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Recipe for Successful Fundraising With Cake Pops

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Cake Pop Recipes-Cake Pop Decorating IdeasCake Pop Recipe for Helping Special Causes Through Fundraising

Fundraising with Cake Pops is a great way to help special causes earn money with just a little time investment. The great thing about Cake Pops is that they are easily portable for fundraising and selling. You can easily package them and display them attractively to gain more sales and make more money for your special cause or fundraising event. Some of the fundraisers that can benefit from using Cake Pops for sales are schools, churches and non-profit organizations.

Awesome Tips to Create Beautiful Cake Pops and Improve Your Sales

Planning Your Cake Pop Recipes for Success

Creating Cake Pops to attract potential customers for bake sales requires eye-catching colors and designs. Before you begin baking Cake Pops, decide on a theme to fit the style of the fundraiser. Try to use bright and cheerful colors to attract customers. You will also want to create a variety of flavors, ideally somewhere around five types. This ensures that you will have the best chance with finding a flavor the customer wants to try. Some Cake Pop recipes for a great bake sale or fundraising are French vanilla, Dark chocolate, Confetti, Lemon, Red Velvet and Carrot cake.

Another tip to keep in mind is to consider the temperature of the fundraising event. Candy coated Cake Pops are more durable for outdoor events while still retaining their neat look. They are easily decorated on top of the candy coating with icing, sprinkles, candy or edible ink as well. You must make sure they are not left in the direct sun, if they get too hot even candy coated cake pops will have a tenancy to melt.

Attractive Cake Pop Displays and Stands Cake Pops Displays for Fundraisers

Another key method for a successful fundraiser with Cake Pops is to display the items attractively. Set up tables with a neutral tablecloth such as a solid color or gingham pattern to create a home-made style. Simple and well-made signs displaying the cost and company the fundraiser benefits will help improve sales. Display a variety of Cake Pop Recipes using baskets or vases. You can use floral foam cut to fit the inside of vases or baskets to keep the Cake Pops displayed. Create a bouquet of delicious Cake Pops to attract donations and make a table centerpiece.

Cake Pop Recipes _ Drinks for ProfitMake even more money with Cake Pops

Another addition to your fundraiser is to consider adding drinks to your table as well. Customers enjoying delicious desserts will likely purchase bottled water or drinks to accompany their treat. This easy addition also means that customers will be more likely to stay nearby and buy more treats to sample.

Packaging Cake Pops for Fundraisers

Individual packaging your Cake Pops can create greater sales and put more money in the kitty. The benefit of using Cake Pops for fundraising is that they are smaller treats, so customers can enjoy a quick bite. Wrap the Cake Pops in clear plastic bags to protect the Cake Pops from the elements and so that customers can easily see them. Tie the wrappers with different colors of ribbons and add a bright sticker marking the price.

Cake Pops Variety Packs

Another idea to increase sales and profits is create Cake Pops without sticks and package them in a small box. Many customers enjoy bringing home treats to their families, so an order of six or twelve in a box will draw their attention. Having the option for larger orders will increase sales along with providing an easy storage solution for extra Cake Pops. You can mix and match the flavors and make sample boxes to give a larger variety of taste.

Cake Pop Recipes for School Fundraisers

Schools often have bake sales to raise money for special programs or events for children. Parents and children alike will enjoy purchasing Cake Pops that are fun and colorful. One tip to keep in mind is to cater the style of the Cake Pop recipes to the age range of the school. For younger children, character themed Cake Pops would bring in more sales. You could also create alphabet themed Cake Pops to increase sales. For older children, you could incorporate school pride with the school colors and mascot.

Cake Pop Recipes for Church Fundraisers

Bake sale fundraisers are a great way to help churches accomplish goals such as trips or group projects. One tip to remember is to choose a great location for the Cake Pops that includes shade as well. Customers enjoy looking over the desserts and will be more likely to mingle and purchase several in a comfortable location.

Church fundraiser Cake Pop recipes can include decorations that lift the mood of the customer. One way to create festive and attractive Cake Pops is to create high-energy with colorful sprinkles and colored sugar. Start with various flavors of Cake Pops and then use a white candy coating. You can dip the Cake Pops in colored sprinkles or sugar for a fun treat that appeal to many people. Another option is to create icing swirls in a contrasting color such as chocolate.

Cake Pop Recipes for Non-Profit Fundraisers

Non-Profit organizations often use fundraising with baked goods at special events because of the low cost. Cake Pops can be created with an assortment of flavors and decorations with minimal time and cost. Create Cake Pops that reflect the theme of the organization for maximum impact.

An example of a Non-Profit themed Cake Pop could include using the colors and logo of the organization. Bake different flavors of cake and then coat them in the color of the group. You can then pipe on a ribbon in a specific color or the name of the organization for a delightful and easy Cake Pop.

Fundraising with Cake Pops is a great way to create modern treats that are easily displayed and packaged. A variety of flavors and decorating options means that they are adaptable to different styles of fundraising. Schools, churches, and non-profit organizations can all benefit from bite sized snacks that are easy to transport and sell. Creating a successful fundraiser with Cake Pops is easy when you bring colorful and fun treats that attract attention and are fun to eat!

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