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Celebrate Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving with Colorfully Decorated Cake Pop Recipes

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Celebrating Thanksgiving and Fall Harvest has never been more fun with great Cake Pop Recipes

Fall harvest brings to mind beautifully colored leaves and the beginning of colder weather. Thanksgiving and fall harvest is a time to celebrate all that the year has provided with festive Cake Pop recipes. Cake Pops are great desserts for enjoying a warm fire during the evening or bringing to all those special events of the season. There are many deep autumn colors and delicious flavors that are perfect to use for decorating Cake Pops. Enjoy creating each of these Cake Pop recipes for a Thanksgiving or fall harvest event that is exceptional.

Scarecrow Cake Pop Recipes

One delightful reminder of fall harvest time is the scarecrow that guards the field. Scarecrows are an excellent Cake Pop theme because they open the door to creativity. You can easily decorate Cake Pops with various types of candy and icing for unique and beautiful desserts.

To begin crafting a scarecrow, choose a light brown or white candy coating for the base. Design the eyes and mouth by piping little dots for the eyes and creating a wavy line for the mouth. Add little stitches across the lip line to mimic a sewn scarecrow. Create a fun triangle nose out of orange candy or by piping on the nose as an accent color.

Achieve authentic scarecrow hair by piping yellow icing in small strips to resemble straw. A special detail that is easy to create is to make a little hat for the scarecrow. The hat is crafted out of chocolate fondant and piped with orange icing for the hat band.

Turkey Cake Pop Recipes

Celebrate a traditional fall harvest with adorable miniature turkey Cake Pops. These whimsical and fun Cake Pops are ideal for Thanksgiving, gifts and holiday parties. Use a rich chocolate Cake Pop recipe for turkey Cake Pops, and then cover the Cake Pops in a brown candy coating.

You can design the feathered tail using candy corn or candy fish in various colors to complete the look. For a full tail, insert or attach with chocolate five pieces of candy in a fan shape to the back of the Cake Pop. Design a turkey face by piping on eyes with white and black frosting. Craft the nose by using a small orange candy or piping on a triangle to represent the beak. Create a tiny gobble underneath the beak by painting or piping on red icing in a teardrop shape.

There are several options for creating tiny turkey feet to accent your Cake Pop recipes. Break pretzel sticks in half to create turkey feet that add a salty accent. Another option is to make turkey feet by piping orange icing in the shape of tiny feet. You can also add tiny chocolate covered candy for arms as a fun detail.

Pilgrim Hat Cake Pop Recipes

Another Thanksgiving and fall harvest favorite is the Pilgrim hat as a reminder of celebrating the bounty of harvest time. Design your own Pilgrim Cake Pop using your favorite cake filling such as spice, pumpkin or chocolate.

Start by covering your Cake Pops in a white candy or icing. You can create a Pilgrim hat using a chocolate cookie for the brim. There are several options for making the top half of the hat. You can use a peanut butter and chocolate cup turned upside down or cover a miniature marshmallow in chocolate fondant for the top. Pipe a hat brim and large square buckle using an orange or yellow icing.

You can design the Cake Pop with just the hat or pipe on small details with icing. Add hair with strips of different fall colors such as black, brown, orange or yellow icing. Create a Pilgrim face with black icing for the eyes, mouth, and nose. Little details are easy to create and add a special element to your desserts.

Candy Apple Cake Pop Recipes

The fall season is not complete without your favorite warm drink in crisp autumn evenings. Create miniature treats for dessert with warm spiced cider flavored Cake Pops. Serve guests a gorgeous and tasty reminder of the season with candy apple Cake Pops.

Coat the Cake Pops in candy coating with a bright apple color such as red or yellow. You can also create Cake Pops in both colors to resemble a fall harvest bouquet. Use a brightly colored ribbon to tie around the stick for a decorative touch. There are many options to design a little stem for the apples. You can use green fondant, green sugar candy, or a pretzel stick to craft a stem.

Autumn Leaves Cake Pop Recipes

Fall harvest brings the changing colors of leaves along with time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the year. Bring the outside into your parties by decorating autumn leaf Cake Pops. This style of Cake Pops would work well with pumpkin or chocolate cake for a flavorful surprise.

To design leaves, use cookie cutters in various leaf shapes to mold your Cake Pops. Take your time to ice or coat the Cake Pops for the best result. Recreate autumn leaves with yellow, orange and brown icing, candy coating, or fondant. You can pipe on leaf details with white or black icing for contrast. Using an assortment of colors will make your Cake Pops a memorable treat for all to enjoy.

Harvest Corn Cake Pop Recipes

No harvest meal is complete without multi-colored corn on the cob that is in season. Decorate your own miniature harvest corn Cake Pops that will amaze guests with your creativity. Begin your corn Cake Pops using yellow or chocolate cake and mold them into a slight cone shape.

Completely cover your Cake Pops with a warm yellow candy coating or icing. To create the kernels, cover the Cake Pops in a variety of small chocolate or peanut butter candies. Choose candy colors such as brown, yellow, and orange to mimic festive corn on the cob. For a fun additional detail you can add the husk by creating it out of green fondant or a fruit roll snack. Attach the husk at the bottom and layer it around the back of the corn for a fun treat.

Cake Pops make a great dessert for parties no matter the fall harvest or Thanksgiving event. They are adaptable to many flavors and designs for each celebration. Bring festive and delightful Cake Pops along for holiday visits. Cake Pops are easy to create and decorate to share the joy of the season with friends and family.

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