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Cake Pops Decorating Ideas with Fondant

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What the Heck is Cake Pop Fondant?

Cake fondant is a sweet, doughy icing that is used to make cakes that are both delicious and beautiful. This delightful confection is becoming increasingly popular in cake decorating, as it is not only pleasantly flavored, it is also incredibly versatile. Cake pops are one example of this icing’s usefulness, as these small sweets are easily covered in cake fondant, and can be used to make just about any special occasion extra fun.

What Exactly is Cake Fondant?

Cake fondant is basically just an icing. However, unlike traditional icings, this particular type can be used in a number of ways. Some of the most recognizable forms of fondant are regularly used to coat entire cakes, cake pops, and sometimes even cookies. Recipes vary, but some of the most simple varieties are made up of sugar and water. More complex types may include marshmallow, powdered sugar and special flavorings like chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, or even coffee.

What are Different Types of Cake Fondant?

Cake fondant comes in three basic types: pourable, rolled and sculpting fondant. Each icing has its own use, and what variety you choose to utilize will basically depend on the effect you are trying to achieve.

Pourable Cake Fondant:

Pourable fondant is not used as often as others; however, this particular type has a charm all its own. The pourable variety, as its name implies, it poured directly onto the confection, where it will spread out without the assistance of a spatula or knife. Once it has spread, it will begin to harden and form a beautiful, shiny shell around the surface of the cake. Though this type of fondant is most often used as an outer icing, it is also occasionally used to make a sweet, ganache-like filling.

Rolled Cake Fondant:

Recognizably doughy and pliable, rolled fondant is unquestionably the most popular variety among both cake decorating enthusiasts and professional bakers. This type of icing begins as a soft substance that can easily be rolled and cut to cover just about any size of cake. After the fondant is placed on the cake it begins to firm up. Though this icing is in many ways similar to gum paste in structure, it tends to be more resilient and does not typically crack once hardened.

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Sculpting Cake Fondant:

As the name suggests, sculpting fondant is predominately used to create beautiful and intricate structures. This type tends to be heavier and thicker then others, so it is ideal for creating larger pieces like flowers, braids and figures. Sculpting fondant is perfectly edible; however, unlike the rolled and pourable varieties, it does not bear a sweet, pleasant flavor.

How Can I Use Cake Fondant to Pep Up a Special Occasion?

Although cake fondant is often used to decorate large cakes, this incredibly useful icing can be utilized in a number of ways for a large variety of occasions. For instance, rolled fondant cake pops can be decorated with company logos for corporate rewards parties, with flowers or the initials of the bride and groom at weddings, or with the image of a favorite cartoon character at a child’s birthday party.
Pourable fondant can easily be used to create special treats like petit fours or beautifully glossy and feminine cupcakes for a garden or tea party. Sculpting fondant can be molded into the shapes of film characters for a movie night party, or to create beautiful patterns, flowers and designs to match the theme of just about any gathering. Considering how adaptable this humble little icing is, it is no surprise to find that the possibilities for use are virtually endless and are only limited by your own imagination.

Where Can I Buy Ready to Use Cake Fondant?

Although it is possible to make it yourself, many people prefer to buy ready-made fondant for its convenience. Most types of fondant can easily be found in just about any craft store, and often times, in the craft aisle of many general stores. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the craft shop or if you have a very specific fondant in mind, there are also numerous online retailers that can supply you with icing, essential supplies, and fun fondant crafting accessories.

Cake fondant is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable mediums for cake making and decorating. This terrifically useful substance is not only versatile, but easily mastered by even the most inexperienced cake decorator. So why not whip up a cake, roll out some fondant, and let your creativity do the work?

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