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Cake Pop Stands and Displays

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Showing off your Cake Pops – Stands and Displays

So you’ve spent hours baking your cake pops, coating them in fondant, and lovingly decorating them with beautifully crafted details. After all of that hard work, why would you want to let your lovely confectionery creations lay limp on a regular old cake plate? Cake pop stands make for a great alternative to the traditional, flat cake displays, as they can serve to not only display your masterpiece, but also help to make your event just a little more festive.

What are Cake Pop Stands Made With?

Cake pop stands come in a variety of materials, and can, in fact, be made out of just about anything. However, these festive little displays are most commonly made with materials like:


What Type of Cake Pop Stand Should I Use for My Event?

The type that you use will, of course, depend on your own personal style and the size of the event.

Cake Pop Stands and Displays for Small Gatherings:

Cake pops are a great treat for just about any occasion, but make for an especially good addition to birthday parties and family gatherings. Cake pop stands for these particular occasions often have a specific theme, and so they are not typically used more than once or twice. In this case, you may prefer to create your own cake pop stand out of inexpensive materials such as cardboard or styrofoam. Although these options may seem a little dull at first, they can easily be dolled up by modeling the material after a specific shape, or by gluing colored or patterned papers, ribbons, gems, feathers or flowers to the body of the stand. If you are handy with tools and would prefer a longer lasting alternative, you can also create beautiful cake pop stands with wood coated in food-safe shellac or paint.

Cake Pop Stands and Displays for Large Gatherings:

Although it can be fun and satisfying to create your own cake pop stand, you may find that you need a larger display to accommodate a larger event. Thankfully, cake pop displays come in such a vast array of sizes and shapes that you are sure to find something to suit your needs. For instance, a wedding reception may call for something dramatic, like a spiral, multitiered cake pop display, while a corporate event may require a more subdued piece, such as a large, clear acrylic single layer display. Many companies that manufacture these displays will allow you to customize stands by specifying the amount of holes you require, how many tiers you need, and what shape you would prefer. You may also be able to add embellishments such as a company logo, initials, dates or quotes.

What Other Ways Can I Use Cake Pop Stands and Displays?

Though cake pops are most commonly seen at affairs like birthday parties and weddings, they can also be presented on a number of other occasions. For instance, you might find a beautiful, heart shaped display at a Valentine’s day party, while a tree shaped stand might serve as the centerpiece of the dessert table at a Christmas party.

If you are attending, but not personally throwing the party, you might find that cake pop stands overflowing with goodies make for a fantastic gift to the host. Displays in the shape of wrapped presents, multitier cakes, flowers, and baskets are all very festive ideas, but, of course, you will want to find something that mirrors that host’s personal preferences and the theme of the event itself. One no fail solution is to arrange your cake pops in a tin pail filled with styrofoam and Easter grass. This option is simple, easy to make and display, and sure to please your host.

If you own a small business or plan on selling your treats around town, cake pop displays are a versatile and portable way of getting your confections out there. Flat, upright cake pop racks are an excellent option for local grocers and gas stations, as they are small enough to fit on a checkout counter, but eye catching enough to make for an enticing impulse buy. Larger racks work well for places like farmers markets and swap meets, while small, rotating displays can allow customers at bakeries and restaurants to select from a variety of cake pop flavors.

There is no question that cake pops are fun and unique goodies. That being said, why display them in a boring fashion when you can create or purchase a variety of equally unique stands? Whether handing them out as party favors at a birthday bash or giving them away as freebies to potential customers, cake pop stands are a fantastic way to put your delicious treats at the forefront.

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